Bone Yard Beach | Talbot Island | Florida

When my little brother’s girlfriend, Corrie, asked me if I wanted to go with her to Talbot Island, I was like, “HECK YA!” Seriously. Who DOESN’T want to go to Talbot Island. I love that place. It’s popularly known as “The beach with all of the fallen down trees” because really, it is a beach with a bunch of fallen down trees. It’s awesome and unique. We had a great time. I even got a *slight* tan line. Yeah.. I don’t tan. I burn. So I stayed SPF-less in the sun for about 10 minutes, knowing that 10 minutes is my burning point, then I sprayed myself with SPF 85… Cuz… that’s… how… I… roll…

So, on a separate note, I’m trying something a little new here. I have a lot to learn about this technique but I promise I’ll get better someday! lol! I also tried some infrared digital (which is sooooo not as cool as B&W infrared film) and, eh, they came out ok. Don’t hate! Here they are!

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