Jacksonville Air Show 2010 | Part 1 | Blue Angels | Fat Albert Airlines

A few weeks ago, I had the amazingly fun opportunity to go with my family to the Jacksonville Air Show at NAS Jax. It meant a lot to me because as a little girl, I used to get to go to the air show with my dad while my mom slept at home because she worked the graveyard shift at the hospital. I always had a ton of fun. My first year in Chicago, Colby and I went to the air show, but it just wasn’t the same without dad. Our favorite is the Blue Angels (as I’m sure is most people’s favorite). The precision, skill, and talent those pilots have to pull off these maneuvers is just amazing to me. It truly is an art form. I remember sitting in my living room in my high rise apartment (21st floor) and I heard a plane and looked out the window and BAM! There was a Blue Angel flying by, outside of MY apartment! How cool was that?! So we went outside to Grant Park with Jayda and finished watching the show! It was amazing.

This year, it was really hot, but it was a clear, blue sky with puffy white clouds up high. We had a front row seat to the show. We anxiously awaited for the Blue Angels and their pilots to dance in the sky in the amazing, metal harmony, that they dance so pristinely to. The best part was getting to watch it with my dad and family. It was just like old times, or as my family calls it, the “boat times.” They’re probably rolling on the floor laughing about now with that joke.

Anyway, here are some of my favs from the Blue Angels and Fat Albert Airlines.

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