Happy 5th Birthday Riley

“It’s another year they’ve blessed my life.” This is what I keep telling myself every time one of my dogs has a birthday. Earlier this year, Jayda turned 7 and now Riley is 5. He’s accomplished so much and I’m so proud of him. He still has a long way to go to getting therapy dog certified but he’s come along way. He’s always so proud when he wears his “service dog in training” vest. Anyway, without getting all sappy and sad that he’s a year older, I’m going to start changing my attitude to being happy that he’s a part of my life and graced us with another year. We celebrated with a chew toy which he is actually munching on now. I love my big dowg! He’s my bear cub with white sox (I know-Chicago sports blasphemy)! Happy 5th birthday Riley Bear!


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