One Year Ago Today… Carly Rae

One year ago today, I found out I was expecting my little Carly Rae. Gosh, I never thought I could love someone so much. I mean, I love Colby more than I’ve ever loved anyone, but the love I have for Carly is so different, yet so deep, that I just can’t explain it. I’m so lucky to have Colby and Carly in my life. I remember like it was yesterday. I woke up to get ready to second shoot a wedding. It was early on a Saturday morning. The day before, I had gotten this tremendously overwhelming tired feeling while walking through Target, so I just decided to test. Since we had been trying for 5 months, I had some of those cheap tests from Amazon. I was SHOCKED when I got what I call “the double line” which indicated I was pregnant. I woke Colby up and told asked him if he’d come into the bathroom to kill a bug. After he came into the bathroom, I told him I lied and that there was no bug. Then I handed him the positive test and the rest was history. Who knew a tiny cell could turn into something so amazing and beautiful? I love my little Smiley Rae. She’s so beautiful, sweet, and happy. I’m the luckiest lady in the world. I love my family. Happy one year to Colby and I!

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