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Happy 10th Birthday Jayda

As each year passes, I swear I’ll focus on the positive of having Jayda in my life, but there is always a glimmerView full post »

Goodbye Lullaby – Brutus

It’s been a bad last few months for some of my best friends and their dogs. Monica’s sister, Megan, had toView full post »

Goodbye Sweet Girl. Rest In Peace Andre.

To say my heart is heavy writing this post is an understatement. One of my best friends, Monica, had to say goodbye toView full post »

Missing In Action

Seriously, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog lately. No doubt, summers in Florida are theView full post »

One Year Later

Riley Bear, I can’t believe how fast this past year has flown by without you. Has it really already been a yearView full post »

Monica + Andre | Sneak Peek

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday about Jenn and Sophie, there’s nothing like the love between a girl and herView full post »

Jenn and Sophie

My dear friend Jenn has a beautiful and sweet dog named Sophie. A month or so ago, I had so much fun photographing themView full post »

Sheri + Dale + 3 CUTE Dogs!

I call just about every cute dog a puppy, but Sheri and Dale’s 3 pups are not quite puppies anymore.  Because ofView full post »

Missing You Today

Today, in my usual routine, I’m cooking what I can to get a lot of the cooking for Thanksgiving out of the way.View full post »