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Colby & I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second child, a little girl, who will be named Ellie Skye. I’m currently on maternity leave. While I try to continue to respond to emails within a timely manner, please be patient if it takes longer than 2 business days to respond. I will return from maternity leave on Monday, September 8th. During this time, I will not be able to respond to voicemails. Feel free to email me at

Thank you to Alison Neumark of Life and Love Studio for the photo!

Maternity Leave 800px

For Carly’s birthday, my whole family chipped in to buy her a beautiful easel set with paints, markers, and chalk. It’s been so special to her. She loves it! Here are some pictures of her drawing on the paper with colored pencils. They’re less messy at her age! haha! Happy Friday.

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I’m not sure why I never did a session with my parents and Carly. I know we had talked about it a few times when she was a baby and even did do some big group pictures when we had family visiting, but we never did a session of just them with Carly.

My parents are going to be selling their house soon. It’s the house my brothers and I grew up in. They’ve owned the home for over 20 years. It’s hard to imagine someone else living there. It’s on a big lot that backs up to a big lake and has a pool. Anyway, realizing that their time in that home was short, I decided it was time to do some pictures. My dad has an orange tree right outside of their bedroom window and it makes the most delicious oranges. This year, however, I think God wanted to make the last batch of oranges that we would taste from this tree extra delicious. The oranges are insanely sweet and juicy this year. It’s the best batch it has ever produced. So I definitely wanted to incorporate the tree, which lucky enough for us, has become something Carly loves to do with her Gama and Papa. Here are my favs. Happy Tuesday.

My parents and Carly

Carly RaeThis week has been quite a challenge. We started off the week with a contractor hitting a water main and our water being out for almost 12 hours. With 3 toilets and a pregnant lady, well, you can imagine the dilemma. haha! The next day, something happened to our internet and there was an outage in our area for more than two days. We’re still dealing with that issue. Then, in trying to switch web hosts, the internet went down for two days in the middle of the transfer and my site was MIA… So if you emailed me and never heard back from me, please resend the email because I didn’t get it. Needless to say, this week has not been as productive as I had hoped.

In amongst all of this and trying to get things fixed and find alternative solutions to the issues, I found myself neglecting Carly’s desire to play with me. I could tell her spirit was broken and feeling like I didn’t want to play with her. She’s always so happy and lively and the moment I realized I was breaking her spirit, my heart sank. All of this reminded me that life isn’t about the frustrations of interruptions to things that can wait. Life is about living in the moment and giving your all to the people you love. So today, I’m going to spend it with Colby and Carly. Happy Friday.


I recently realized I don’t have any professional pictures of my parents with Carly, so I decided to schedule a portrait time with my parents and finally have some cute pictures of Carly with her Gama and Papa! Here are a couple of sneak peeks. More to come soon!

Carly and DadCarly and Mom