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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Raquel at First Coast No More Homeless Pets to arrange photographing the Art Unleashed 2011 fund raising event. Overall, the event raised $30,000 which helps to pay for spaying/neutering animals to help keep the animal population down, which leads to less euthanizations. I’m happy to have learned that Jacksonville is so close to becoming a no-kill community and it’s because of wonderful organizations like First Coast No More Homeless Pets that this has become closer to a reality.  Click here to visit FCNMHP’s website.

This year, I also donated a piece of work to the Art Unleashed Auction. Im not sure if it sold but it was a piece of work that was close to me. This photograph was taken of Jayda, my oldest dog, wearing a blazer and sitting in front of my computer. The room was dark and only lit with a pin light and my computer. It was shot on 35mm B&W Kodak Tri-X film. The photograph represents the darkness and depression that I felt working at home in a place where I had no family and friends. I never got out of the house. My existence was simple at home. For years. I know many people can look at this and not understand it, which is what I think makes the piece so great, but also, even if you don’t understand it, I think most people can look at it and what they see invokes some type of dark emotion, which was the point behind the project.





A few weeks ago, I had the amazingly fun opportunity to go with my family to the Jacksonville Air Show at NAS Jax. It meant a lot to me because as a little girl, I used to get to go to the air show with my dad while my mom slept at home because she worked the graveyard shift at the hospital. I always had a ton of fun. My first year in Chicago, Colby and I went to the air show, but it just wasn’t the same without dad. Our favorite is the Blue Angels (as I’m sure is most people’s favorite). The precision, skill, and talent those pilots have to pull off these maneuvers is just amazing to me. It truly is an art form. I remember sitting in my living room in my high rise apartment (21st floor) and I heard a plane and looked out the window and BAM! There was a Blue Angel flying by, outside of MY apartment! How cool was that?! So we went outside to Grant Park with Jayda and finished watching the show! It was amazing.

This year, it was really hot, but it was a clear, blue sky with puffy white clouds up high. We had a front row seat to the show. We anxiously awaited for the Blue Angels and their pilots to dance in the sky in the amazing, metal harmony, that they dance so pristinely to. The best part was getting to watch it with my dad and family. It was just like old times, or as my family calls it, the “boat times.” They’re probably rolling on the floor laughing about now with that joke.

Anyway, here are some of my favs from the Blue Angels and Fat Albert Airlines.

Last night I had the privilege of photographing the 40 year reunion event for INROADS, Inc. INROADS is the nation’s largest non-profit source of paid internships for undergraduate, minority youth. By providing the skills, support, and network students need to obtain an internship at a top company, INROADS prepares students to lead and contribute from Day 1. They have helped businesses gain greater access to diverse talent through continuous leadership development of outstanding ethnically diverse students and placement of those students in internships at many of North America’s top corporations, firms and organizations (taken from their website).

It was very inspiring to hear the stories of where everyone started. From corporate executives to current interns, INROADS has done a tremendous job in helping to shape diversity in the corporate world. I was very honored to be documenting such a milestone in the company’s history. I had a fabulous time! Here are some photos from the evening.

I wanted to start with a collage of some of the attendees as each shared their current positions in the corporate world.

Jen Shannon Photography

Tuesday I had the privilege of working with Jackie and Jillian from the Metropolitan Club in the Willis Tower (Chicago) to photograph the women’s expo they were hosting. This is the same club we had our wedding show at (you can view the blog and photos from that here, here, and here) back in January. I had such a great time at the Women’s Expo. It’s so inspiring to see women running their own business’ and empowering themselves to be successful. The first woman I met was Karen Gill of Karen Joy Handcrafted Jewelry. Her jewelry is just gorgeous! She was so sweet and gave me a beautiful, handmade necklace for photographing her jewelry. She was so sweet! As I walked around taking pictures of as many vendor tables as I could I collected about 18 business cards of fabulous, inspiring women in business. It was a pleasure working with Jackie and Jillian. I worked with Jillian for the wedding show and she initially contacted me regarding the Women’s Expo but I primarily worked with Jackie. They are both very sweet, awesome women! After the expo, Colby and I went up to the Metropolitan Club restaurant and enjoyed the tastiest, most fabulous, hands down, best dinner EVER! I know.. Tons of adjectives there, but totally true! We overlooked the city on the 66th floor. It was such a nice, relaxing experience in a romantic, beautiful city setting. It was the perfect way to end the evening. Here are some of my favorite photos from the night.

Below is a list of business’ from the cards I collected.

GSS, Inc

Down Under Endeavours


Eclectik Design, LLC

Renee’s Raw Chocolate

Janelle Jansen Lake-Harpist

Karen Joy Handcrafted Jewelry

Rain Nutrition (one of my favs!)


The Anti-Cruelty Society (I truly believe in what this organization does)

Red Carpet Concierge

Enid Kent of Mary Kay

AMC Accounting Solutions

Neumann Family Services

Crescendo Apparel

The Body Work & Massage Source

CDM Software Solutions

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology

Jen Shannon Photography

One of my favorite vendors of the night was Green Diva. Kathy, who founded and owns the first eco friendly bridal jewelry company, was so sweet. She brought a gift of mints around to all of the vendors at the show and introduced herself to every one. Green Diva is an eco friendly jewelry company that just launched their bridal line which is absolutely beautiful. I posted a few pictures from her booth below. I’ve also included a video below of her talking about her company, being eco friendly, and her jewelry. Enjoy!

Green Diva

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