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F-4 Phantom II Heritage Flight | 2010 Jacksonville Air Show | NAS Jax

Last, but certainly not least, here are the last photos from the 2010 Jacksonville Air Show. There are only a few photos because they were flying as we were walking up to the show. This was the F-4 Phantom II Heritage Flight. It shows how the planes have evolved throughout the years. Enjoy!

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Patty Wagstaff | Les Shockley-Shockwave | Skip Stewart | 2010 Jacksonville Air Show | NAS Jax

This was a really sweet demonstration. Patty Wagstaff and Skip Stewart battled it out in the air with an awesome pyrotechnics show on the ground. Later came Les Shockley with the Shockwave truck, which in reality, is faster than the planes it raced, but for some reason their starts weren’t timed accurately, the Shockwave lost […]

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