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I don’t typically offer boudoir sessions. I guess you could say I’m just not into the whole “get in touch with your inner playmate” thing. I’m sure women find it fun and liberating but it’s just not my style. I prefer fine art and fashion. When Paulina of Makeup by Paulina Perez contacted me about doing her boudoir, I knew it was a great match. With our sense of fashion and Vogue inspiration, we did a beautiful boudoir for her husband, Skip, that was tasteful, classy, and centered around the idea of fashion/fine art. Here’s a sneak peek. Of course, makeup and hair by Makeup by Paulina Perez. Thanks to Nicole Wiley under Makeup by Paulina Perez for doing Paulina’s beautiful hair!

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*WARNING* These photos do contain modesty patches over the model’s private areas, however if you are at all offended by nudity, it would be best that you skip this blog article.

I realize this article and its photos may be offensive to people. Aside from my commercial wedding and portrait work, when it comes to my fine art, I’m here to create my artistic vision, not satisfy the desires of what people want to see. If my artistic vision for my fine art coincides with what my blog readers want to see, then we have great harmony. If not, then I’m sorry I’ve offended you and I hope that you continue to visit my blog and enjoy my work when what I’m posting does not offend you.

Shooting nude photography is certainly not something I’ve ever entertained. As a matter of fact, when I sat down with my guidance counselor at UNF and she told me I’d have to do nude figure drawing and photography as part of my curriculum, I asked if there was a way out of it because of my religious beliefs. She said no.

Without going into a huge paragraph about my beliefs, let me first say that I am a follower of Christ. My beliefs do fall in line with Christianity and in short conversations I say I’m a Christian… HOWEVER over the last 8 months I’ve really been digging deep into why I believe what I believe. For so long I have been told what to believe and have followed those beliefs because those were what I was taught, but lately, I’ve realized that I don’t fit into this mold of what I’ve deemed “Suburban Christianity,” you know, where everyone takes their babies to church, they look prim and proper, they say all the right things, do all of the right motions, and act like everything is awesome because they are walking with the Lord, but deep inside, I know there is trouble, there is strife, there are skeletons in the closet, and moreover, there are judgmental Christians that choose to banish you from their circle of “love” because you’ve fallen short of what they say you should mold your life to be like. So you walk away; hurt, scarred, and asking questions that no one is willing to answer. I’ve seen it happen too many times. I’ve been that Christian and I’ve been burned by those Christians.

Without getting into my beliefs, I’ve changed my beliefs on nude photography. Yes, I do believe pornography and pornographic images are wrong. I do believe that tastefully done, fine art, classical nude photography and portraiture is beautiful and invokes beauty of the human body versus sexuality and sexual feelings. With all of that said, here is my first dive into nude fine art portraiture that, thankfully, I was pushed into because of my current photo class.

These will be published on my fine art site (which is currently under construction) that you can visit by clicking here.

Tonight I shot my film reels for our nude assignment that we are required to do for my photo class. I took my digital camera with me so I could have some digital copies of what I was doing. I was really excited to have the opportunity to do a nude project. It’s not something I have ever done and certainly wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do. I’ll save it for a longer post, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to do it. It was really fun. I hired a professional model I found on Model Mayhem. You can check out her profile here. She goes by Kamellia. There will be more to come.