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As many of you know, I’ve been working hard with The Jacksonville Humane Society to help bring attention to harder-to-adopt dogs. I’ve written a lot about my involvement with it, so I won’t go into that again, but this morning I checked my Facebook business page and had a very heart warming comment that I just had to share. It’s all worth it to me to help find a loving home for animals in need, but getting comments like this always warms my heart. This was left by Lisa. Her family adopted Loki and Jack last week. I love happy endings. Dogs are so resilient, but when they have a buddy, they are that much more resilient together.

    • Hello Jen, After my family and I adopted Loki and Jack we got a voice mail message from the Humane Society letting us know about this photo shoot and I just wanted to say thank you for your kind efforts in helping find homes for these amazing animals. We have had them now for 3 days and they are already quite comfortable and fitting in to our family like they have always been here. Let me say, to your fans that are seeking pets for their homes… We could not ask for a more wonderful fit and they are the most loving dogs I have ever come across. They have brought us such joy! Thank you for the beautiful photos, I am going to share on my photography page also. ♥

This morning, I went out to The Jacksonville Humane Society to photograph some dogs who are in need of their forever homes. Typically I just photograph one animal, but in an effort to get more of the older dogs who’ve been at the shelter for awhile adopted out more quickly, we decided to do photographs for several dogs.

For those of you who are just now starting to read my blog, I have a foundation I started called The JRB Foundation. I started it as a way to give back to something I feel very strongly about; no-kill shelters. It’s still very early on, however, so far, I’ve been working with The Jacksonville Humane Society. One of the ways I work with them is to feature an adoptable animal on my blog, then go out and take photos of the dog, then provide a gift box with prints in it for the family who adopts the dog to keep. I also sponsor the adoption fee.

Every dog has a story and a personality. I love coming home and going through the photos and seeing all of the goofy photos; you know, the ones where they are all teeth, all mouth, tongues out, funny expressions, eyes closed, etc.

One of the things I didn’t realize going into The JRB Foundation adventure was that working with something you feel so strongly about really breaks your heart. It’s very rewarding in the sense that I get to meet animals who are down on their luck, but who have every hope in the world, are high spirited, excited and happy. They keep their hope that one day they’ll have their forever home, but it’s so heart breaking to meet these amazing dogs who just need a permanent place to call home with a loving family. They deserve so much and it breaks my heart that they don’t have a place to call home, but they have such high spirits.

This time I got to work with pairs and it really just reminded me of the love and bond that dogs have with not only their people, but between each other too. They just can’t be separated when they’ve grown up together and know each other.

All of the dogs below are now photographed and the prints have been ordered for the gift boxes. Now all we need is some forever families to adopt them and give them the loving homes they deserve. Here are the photos from today.

This is Loki and Jack. They come as a pair and are SOOOOO super duper cute! The below photo is by far my favorite. Just priceless! Click here to read more about Jack. He’s a 3 year old miniature pinscher mix and has been waiting for a family since 10/13/11. Click here to read more about Loki. He’s a 3 year old american staffordshire terrier mix who’s been waiting, with Jack, since 10/13/11 for a family.

This is Jimmy. He is SUCH a sweet heart with the happiest face! He’s a little chunker but with a great family and some exercise, he’ll lose it. For now, he’s just more to love :) Click here to see more about Jimmy. He’s a 5 year old australian cattle dog mix who has been waiting for a family since 9/19/11.

This is Ernie. He was SOOOO photogenic! Not only that, but he is also one of those dogs that just can’t stop smiling! Click here to see more about Ernie. He’s a terrier/american staffordshire mix, he is 1 year and 7 months and has been waiting for a family is 8/15/11.

This is Dolly and Pookie. Pookie was really happy and ready to play! Dolly is a sweet little girl but she’s a little shy without her side kick. They are also a pair. Click here to read more about Dolly. She’s a shepherd mix, she’s 4 years old and has been waiting for a family since 9/28/11. Click here to read more about Pookie. She’s a shepherd/rottweiler mix, she’s 5 years old and  has been waiting for a family, with Dolly, since 9/28/11.

This is Davey. He’s such a sweet boy! I can’t get enough of his ears! They make me melt! He was super sweet spirited and would make a great companion. Click here to see more about Davey. He’s a foxhound mix, is 1 year and 5 months old and was been waiting for a family since 6/11/11.

This is Oreo! He is a scrappy little guy who LOOOOVES his treats! His ears are also super cute and make me melt! Click here to read more about Oreo. He’s a 5 year old terrier/beagle mix. He’s been waiting for a family since 8/29/11.