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I was disappointed when we ended up not being able to go to Florida while Monica and her husband, Jeremy, were visiting their parents. She was going to do a trash the dress session with Megan, my best friend of 20 years, and I was invited along but because I couldn’t go I decided to do a little photo shoot of my own. I was initially going to do a TTD session but decided I wanted to do a bridal glam/TTD in one. I also read an article about using video capabilities to a photographer’s advantage and decided to make a promo video while me did the glam session (watch the promo video here). I recruited my friend, Steph, for the job but her sister ended up coming home from Norway (study abroad) and thought she would be better suited as the bride. Steph had this awesome dress she had purchased for home coming back in high school that she never really got to wear. It matched the bridal gown I purchased PERFECTLY!

A little behind the scenes story. So Colby and I set out to David’s bridal to find their $99 sale rack for a dress. I really thought all we’d find was crap… We walked in and they showed us the slim pickin’s they had left for their $99 sale but the first one to catch my eye was the one we bought. It was the only black and white dress. It ended up a couple sizes too big but a clamp worked just fine to hold it up. We also tried to find the perfect veil but I couldn’t find one I liked. So I ended up buying the netting fabric, the flower, the feathers, etc and putting it all together myself :) I was very proud of my hot glue gun and scissors skills :)

Moving on… So Steph and Mandy came over to get dressed up but already had their make up done. Mandy is not a professional make up artist, but she definitely should be. Her make up was amazing. She also did Steph’s make up which was amazing too! Then we set out for some run down parts of Joliet (which if you’ve ever been, no they are not hard to find hahaha) and the Joliet Metra station. While we ended up not trashing the dress, we did the bridal glam session. Here are some of the final photos from the glam session I did yesterday with Mandy and Stephanie Bruno. These sisters sure knew how to rock this session! I have so many amazing photos it was hard to choose so I put them in a slide show for easier viewing. I’ll be editing more later.

I am so excited and have been waiting for today to come for a long time! My friend Stephanie and her sister Mandy agreed to be models for me. Stephanie had this amazing dress and I went and bought a wedding dress that almost completely matches Stephanie’s dress. Initially Stephanie was supposed to play the bride but decided her sister Mandy was a better fit for the job. I could not believe the second we started shooting how Mandy immediately turned on her model/vogue side and COMPLETELY ROCKED IT!!! She did her own make up too! Isn’t she amazing??? She was PERFECT for this! We had an amazing time and she totally looks awesome. Here is a teaser from the session. I’ll be posting more once they are all edited.

Teaser Watermarked

Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Bridal Glamour Photographer

I’m pleased to announce G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Glamorous is a program where you come spend an afternoon with me! I’ll teach you about your camera’s functions, technique, editing, and even let you pick my brain with questions you have! Our Glamorous afternoon will consist of 3-4 hours where we meet and I get to learn about you. You can tell me about your photography experiences, where you’d like to grow and what kind of things you’d like to learn. I’ll set up a model for us to photograph and then I’ll show you editing techniques to take your work to the next level. I’ll even throw in a quick portrait session for you so you have some great head shots of yourself, but you have to give me the credit line because I know you’ll want to use them online :) Glamorous is $100 for the afternoon. You’ll walk away with great insight, functional camera knowledge and some amazing portfolio images! So holla if you are interested by using the “Holla” link in the navigation bar!

I’ll have a promo video up about this soon :)


Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Wedding Photographer