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We all know Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob has the nice camera gear and a burning desire to photograph the wedding your photographing too. He (though rarely you’ll have an Aunt Sally too) will usually shoot over your shoulder, maybe get in your way, tell you his camera is better, try to pose your clients for you, etc. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s part of the family.

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s a small world. You never know who knows who. Your image as a brand and as a photographer is very important to keeping a good reputation in your community. Let’s say Uncle Bob is trying to show you how awesome his camera is or have you look at how great the photos on the back of his camera are. You think, “I’m WAY better than he is” and don’t really give him the time of day. You puff out your chest, stick your nose in the air, your ego gets too big, and maybe you are even a little rude to him.

He’s going to remember that. Then let’s say Uncle Bob happens to be the owner of a really nice resort in your area that could put you on a preferred vendor list? Or maybe his daughter/son is getting married. Maybe he’s the mayor or your future next door neighbor. There are all sorts of maybe’s we can add to this list, but I’m a firm believer that a little kindness or personal investment goes a long way and may pay off big for you.

So what if he takes the photos and gives them to his family? So what if he has a nice camera? So what if he wants to talk shop with you? Take a few seconds or minutes, let him get a quick family shot, maybe talk a little shop and be on your way. The point is, the bride/groom hired you for a reason, not Uncle Bob. They liked your work so they paid a lot of money to hire you.

Instead, try giving Uncle Bob a few minutes of your time. You may be surprised what you’ll find out about Uncle Bob.

Leave a comment! How have you experienced Uncle Bob? How do you deal with Uncle Bob?

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I was really excited when David from Photobiz contacted me regarding being a contributor to the Photobiz Community. I think every photographer has something to share that benefits others. Whether they are brand new, somewhat new, experienced, or well seasoned, we all have something of value.

As a contributor to the Photobiz Community, one of the things that I love to talk about, more than anything, is image. Not branding or how fancy your business cards or website are, but what other people see when they experience you as a professional. How about Uncle Bob or that videographer that at all times has to be within 2 feet of the bride and groom? Or the person that sees you with a “fancy” camera and wants to talk shop or says they are a photographer too and they pull out their mini guns… The point and shoot. How do people experience you and what do people see when they think of you and your business? These are some of the things I can’t wait to talk about as a contributor to the Photobiz Community.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jen Shannon. I’ve been practicing photography for 7 years and have been in business for almost 3 years. I am currently working on my BFA in graphic design and have completed my minor in film photography. I have my AA from FSCJ as well as several certifications from FSCJ and Notre Dame in business operations, advanced negotiations, conflict management, etc. I shoot weddings and lifestyle portraits but would someday like to do fashion. I recently became a full time photographer and relocated back to Jacksonville, FL (from Chicago) due to being laid off from Aetna, my “day” job, because of the loss of the Tricare contract. I was a contract negotiator and worked for Aetna for 6 years. I am married with no kids but have 3 dogs that I just ADORE and frequently donate my services to pet charities.

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