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I’m really loving getting into these video blogs now that I have the time to focus and really put my personality into them, versus working a corporate job, running a business, and going to school. There was just too much going on. I have to say, I’m at a really great place in my life and I am totally loving it! Here’s video blog number 2 for 2011. 2011 is an awesome here so far! Check out the Hot Pink Brides blog here.

I put together some goals for 2011 in my first video blog of 2011. Enjoy! *Note to self…. I say, “so” way too much… Something to work on! haha!*

Here is my latest video blog. So sorry it’s been so long! Ugh… And why does Vimeo choose the worst part of the video to show as the front picture for the video when it isn’t playing. Thanks Vimeo…