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Ok. I mentioned this before, but this is probably the last fall I’ll get to see for a REALLY long time. Colby and I are moving back to Florida, and well, Florida is tropical. Florida doesn’t have anything but summer. The leaves don’t change, they don’t fall off and make a big mess (well, some do, but mostly they don’t), and while Florida has a lot of stuff that is pretty (like the ocean) my favorite part of the year is fall so I’m trying to capture the beauty and colors as best I can before we move so we have something to remember it by and possibly decorate a room or so of our future house with. So we went outside this morning when we woke up and let Jayda run free again in the field across the street from our house and, of course, I had my camera in hand. I snapped a few pictures of Jayda and then started playing with my LensBaby. By the way, if you’re a photographer and don’t have a LensBaby, you should get one. They are awesome but I’m still learning how to use mine. I’ve almost had it for a year and I haven’t used it much. So the photos that have a weird directional blur effect were taken with the LensBaby. Anyway, so I played with it with some of the pretty trees across the street while Colby kept his eye on Jayda. I got some pictures of him too. He’s my sweetie! I love him! Here are the photos from our morning.






Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

Today was the first day in over a week that the sun finally showed it’s face for longer than a second! While I have a ton of work to do today, I happened to be in my office upstairs with Colby and I looked out the window and saw Bentley outside laying in a pile of fallen leaves that was just so cute, so I decided to seize the moment and go take some photos of the dogs. Of course the sun is gone now… It’s back to dark and dreary… UGH! I can’t wait to get back to the sunshine state! I know this isn’t one of my most fabulous blog posts but I have to get back to editing. Enjoy!








Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Pet Photography

As I was explaining in my previous post, every photographer needs a break. A break from the editing, the emails, the computer, etc… Saturday was my big “break” so to speak. It was fabulous to say the least! It was THE perfect day. Not “a” perfect day, but “THE” perfect day. So Saturday came, we woke up at 6:30. Actually, I should say I woke up at 6:30. Colby had a hard time getting started. A few threats later, he was up and at ’em :) We had planned on only bringing Jayda, but the other two dogs saw her leash and got super duper excited and I felt bad knowing I’d have to leave them both behind… So I caved and we brought all three dogs. Colby hated it, but the dogs slept like babies after we got home. It was great. So we were out the door much later than we wanted to be, but it was ok. We stopped at good old BK for a quick drive through breakfast (of course nothing healthy was eaten there). When you’re on a mini vacation, nothing healthy gets eaten, there’s lots of lounging, sleeping, and doing nothing. We arrived at Starved Rock shortly before 9am. I was so excited that the sun was out, but of course, as soon as we got there, the sun decided to go away… and it was overcast for almost all of the rest of the day. Stupid weather people got it wrong… yet again!

It was a gorgeous hike! Nothing like hiking through the mountains or anything, but gorgeous for the flat lands of Illinois :) The fall colors were beautiful. I only wish the sun had been out to brighten everything up for longer. So we hiked for a little over 4 hours. I have to say… Bentley did SOOO good. He is less than a foot tall, has the tiniest little legs, but walked the WHOLE thing except for the last part of the stairs (I wanted to carry him because he was slowing down). I am so proud that my little man hiked the whole way, little legs and all. He actually led the pack. It was so cute to watch him lead us because he knew exactly where we were going. It was awesome.

On our way back we stopped at yummy Arby’s, again, more fast food, for lunch and ate in the car. That was a mess but yummy nonetheless. We came home and offloaded my pictures off of my cards and went straight to bed for a great nap! We slept until 7-ish or so and then decided it was movie night. Colby picked up some little McDonald’s snacks, again, yes, fast food… I am totally starving myself for a week now… He picked up ‘I Love You, Man’ from the $1 rental machine and it was time for snacks and a movie. We decided to watch The Office first though, to watch Pam and Jim get married, of course, then it was movie time. Before the movie I spiced some apple juice into apple cider, we curled up on the couch, watched the movie, then it was bed time. It was a great staycation! Totally needed it.

So, this is totally cool. Since Colby and I are cool enough to have iPhones, of course our iPhones have to do something for us in every facet of life. He has this really cool app called MotionX-GPS that uses GPS to track your hike. It gives you all sorts of really cool info. Here is a detailed map of our exact hike/trail and the stats regarding our info.

Date: Oct 10, 2009 8:57 am
Distance: 3.52 miles
Elapsed Time: 4:17:32
Avg Speed: 0.8 mph
Max Speed: 5.7 mph
Avg Pace: 73′ 13″ per mile
Min Altitude: 307 ft
Max Altitude: 571 ft
Start Time: 2009-10-10T13:57:46Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 41º 18′ 36″ N
Longitude: 88º 57′ 59″ W
End Time: 2009-10-10T18:15:19Z
End Location:
Latitude: 41º 18′ 36″ N
Longitude: 88º 57′ 59″ W

Google Earth

Here are some of the great fall colors and textures of the surroundings.


My babies are so good! They were all sitting and waiting while Daddy was tying his shoes. My little guy on the left was waiting for mommy to get her gear situated.


Here’s my little guy at the end of the trip when I stopped to take off my hoodie, situate my gear back into my Tamarac bag and wrap him up in my scarf to head to the car :)


Last one before we get to the “good stuff.” The picture on the left is Colby with the pooches while I was setting up my tripod to take a picture of one of the waterfalls. It really puts it into perspective. I know it isn’t huge like other landmarks but in Illinois, this is pretty special :) haha!


Now for the good stuff. Enjoy!

















2Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

There comes a time in every photographer’s life, probably happens several times, when they have to release themselves from their daily work to photograph something that is fun, creative, not work, kind of photos. Not to say client photo shoots are not fun, but there is only so much creativity each client will allow. When you do your own project, you get to have free reign with what you want to do. As I opened the blinds to our bedroom this morning, the sun was shining beautifully, there was a slight breeze, and the thermometer on my alarm clock read 52 outside. As I gazed out the window to the field across the street from us, it was filled with beautiful fall colors; burgundy, gold, blue, brown, green, purple, etc. It was gorgeous. I was inspired by this canvas of beautiful colors and decided I would take Jayda outside to graze in it. Of course I brought Colby along for the ride ;) So we put the other two dogs out back. They were sooooo jealous! They watched us cross the street through the fence, whining all the way. Jayda was sooo excited to see where we were going and where we were taking her. Just her. For once she was the “only” dog in her mind. No getting pawed or bitten by Riley, no getting yapped at by Bentley. Just Jaydee Lady and her favorite people on earth! As Colby took off her leash, she tasted freedom. She frolicked like a gazelle, literally gliding and hopping like a gazelle through the tall, colorful weeds. After she wore herself out, she sat in the thick of it. She is so beautiful and graceful. I wish she could live forever!

Another inspiration that I have had this itch to do is to take a trip to Starved Rock to get some amazing pictures of the beauty fall has to bring with the streams and surrounding land. It didn’t work out to get there this weekend, so we are going next weekend. I couldn’t wait to photograph the beauty of fall though. After all, this could be my last fall in Illinois. I need something to remember it by! So I photographed all of the colors that surround our house. I even got my diopters out to turn my prime lens into a macro lens and got some amazing details of lady bugs and a bee. I love those diopters! More photos will follow later in the season and I will definitely do a blog post of Starved Rock!



























Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Pet Photographer