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Trying Something New…

Video Blog 1 from Jen Shannon on Vimeo. Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Wedding PhotographerView full post »

Black and White Project Complete!

So I’ve been working on this project since last summer. Last August to be exact, when my second floor floodedView full post »

My baby girl is the cutest! Ever!

Every mother thinks their children are the cutest kids on earth. Well the same goes for dog moms. My baby girl is theView full post »

Halloween 2009!

Colby and I welcomed Halloween the same way we do every year… By me dressing the dogs up in ridiculous costumes.View full post »

Getting Ready for Halloween!!

Every year we try to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. My good friend, Monica, gave me an idea last year to carve ourView full post »

The Sun Finally Came Out!! More Dogs and Fall Colors!

Today was the first day in over a week that the sun finally showed it’s face for longer than a second! While IView full post »

Jayda's Day In the Sun and Colors of Fall!

There comes a time in every photographer’s life, probably happens several times, when they have to releaseView full post »

Unconditional love… Dogs know the concept best.

As most of you know, Colby and I have three dogs. They are our babies. People who don’t have animals usuallyView full post »

I Missed Yesterday… Sorry :(

Ok, so I missed yesterday… As I was laying in bed last night I realized I forgot to blog, but I was too far goneView full post »