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So I’ve been working on this project since last summer. Last August to be exact, when my second floor flooded from a drain overflow. I wanted to do a series of black and white images of my dogs and I finally finished them and put them together in a slideshow! I want to have an album or fine art book from Leather Craftsman made so I guess I’ll get to designing that in my spare time now! :) Here is the slideshow! Enjoy!

Black and White Project 2009 from Jen Shannon on Vimeo.

Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Wedding Photographer

Every mother thinks their children are the cutest kids on earth. Well the same goes for dog moms. My baby girl is the cutest EVER! She’s so picture perfect. She knows how to pose in front of the camera. It’s hilarious. She really does pose for me. I love taking pictures of her because she’s so photogenic. Any time I see an opportunity to photograph her, I always go for it. Someday she won’t be here anymore and I will treasure every photo I have of her. So yesterday when I got up to take my lunch break she was sunning herself in my office and the sun was hitting her so beautifully. So, as usual, I grabbed my camera and started snapping photos. Here they are.

Jayda 3

Jadya 2

Jadya 1

Jayda 4

Jayda 5

Jayda 6

Jayda 7

Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Animal Photographer

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Colby and I welcomed Halloween the same way we do every year… By me dressing the dogs up in ridiculous costumes. Well, not that ridiculous. Bentley was a Dinosaur, Riley wore a shirt that said, “Same poop, different day,” and Jayda wore a hoodie with bones on the outside of it that glow in the dark. I don’t have pictures of Riley and Jayda’s costumes, well, because the pictures I took were in our kitchen which has the worst lighting and flooring… So the pictures look terrible and I didn’t want to post them.. So You’ll get to see Bentley’s. We decided that this year we were going to get three pumpkins and carve each of the dog’s faces into them. Well, Riley destroyed Bentley’s pumpkin before we got to carve it so I went to get him another one yesterday and they were gone… So thanks to Riley, Bentley didn’t get a pumpkin. Maybe next year… We spent the day cleaning out the garage and had a few trick-or-treaters come around in the middle of the afternoon, but aside from that, we didn’t have any trick-or-treaters after dark. So we have a huge bag of candy and gum left over… most of which Colby has already eaten. I’m not a candy bar fan. So after the garage was cleaned (yay!) Colby decided it was time…. time to partake in .50 corn dog night at the new Sonic they just built here in Joliet… So we went, waited in a long line but finally got a parking space and we took advantage of the .50 corn dogs. After that we watched Paul Blart, Mall Cop which we were afraid was going to be stupid, but turned out to be good. It’s comedy was like any Adam Sandler movie I’ve seen, which I think is funny. That was about it for our Halloween! Oh! And I should mention, Halloween is also my mom’s birthday! So Happy Birthday Mom! I spent awhile on the phone with her while I watched Colby clean the garage… I was sitting down… I’m sure he loved that! hahaha! Anyway, Happy Halloween!

Halloween 1

So we still don’t know what got into Jayda, but she was being a very disobedient little lady outside. This was THE only good picture we got of her next to her pumpkin.

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

And lastly, a picture of all my babies in the fallen leaves. They’re so sweet. I love them all! I’m so glad Riley is still around after his incident.

Halloween 4

Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Wedding Photographer

Every year we try to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. My good friend, Monica, gave me an idea last year to carve our dog’s faces into our pumpkins for this year. So, we bought three pumpkins. We bought a smaller one for Bentley but unfortunately it ended up being too tough to even cut into without breaking the knife, so we’ll have to get a big pumpkin for him on Friday. Anyway, so, Colby and I got to carving our dog face pumpkins. Check out some of these pictures. I’ll post more for Halloween. Each dog has a costume. :P

Riley and Jayda Pumpkins

Jayda Pumpkin

Bentley and Pumpkins

Riley and Pumpkin

Jayda and Pumpkin

Jen Shannon Photography, Chicago Pet Photographer